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Facility Location Las Vegas, NV
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A new way to design your walls and ceilings.

Plaster Art
Why settle for the old fashion way of a traditional paint job when you have a better choice!

Venetzian Plaster

Extraordinary art created on any ​wall or ceiling.

Venetian plasters have been around for over 9 thousand years and have been applied in some of the most memorable places such as Ancient Egypt, China to countless buildings. These plasters are lime based putties that over time re-crystallize back into stone. Plasters have many benefits; being mold resistant, algae resistant, hypoallergenic, ability to be colored, tinted, waxed and manipulated to your own customized preference. Venetian plasters are far from traditional paint. “We take pride in our art, offer our services and satisfy every customer with their own piece of Artisan History.”

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TANKED!!… with my good friend Brett Raymer from the hit T.V. show tanked in front of his own tank… Talking great business for the near future. Be sure to stay tuned. As always if you want authentic Italian plaster, you know who to call… www.Venetzian.com

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It can be applied to any interiors or exterior of many types Wood, Cement, Plaster on top of this Plaster Art, just to name a few.

Our work is very unique and trusted. This second generation knowledge comes with new ideas and a new approach to Venetzian Plaster.