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Welcome to is a globally active management consulting firm. Our mission is to enable companies to become more innovative. Our target companies range from start-ups to scalable enterprises. Our services span from light weight coaching,mentoring and consulting to heavy lifting access support to global markets.
Who are we? is a globally active management consulting firm focussed on making companies more succesful. comprises of and has access to hundreds of established management consulting experts, entrepreneurs, angel investors, Venture Capitalists, Academics who have decades of experience and have been through the process many times.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable companies to become more innovative, helping them to be/become scalable enterprises while returning value to their shareholders, owners, partners and investors.

Our Progress is a company evolving from over 35+ years of executive management experience in multi-national IT industry and over a decade of strategic corporate new venture creation and entre(intra)preneurship education.

Products and Services at Innova.Ventures organizes laboratory experiments where the function and performance of high-expectation start-ups are evaluated. The results of experiments give entrepreneur candidates, financiers and policy makers a deeper understanding of the actual workings of real-world new markets. Experiments point out how high-expectation entrepreneurs should cultivate market outcomes, which behavior should guide trust building between the formers and their potential financiers, and how policy makers should design and test “rules of the game”. The Academy provides students with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial ideas and develop practical entrepreneurial skills to be implemented in an “incubator without borders” environment and turned into high-expectation start-ups (“entrepreneurial growth companies”). The outcome of the Experimental Lab session is a “better” business plan that has been challenged in multiple dimensions.


Start(up) is a service to give you first feedback on your start-up idea , whether it seems viable, has already been invented, possible market issues and food for thought before moving further down that path.


VentureBator is an incubator or accelerator enhanced with innoVaventure Services to bring the innoVa venture service offerings as close to you as possible..


Team(up) is an assessment service (2-3 days) of the new venture’s skills for success. The analysis is on the people’s skills in multiple areas, but also on the team’s total skill level.


Advanced software and internet business topics covered by Win the Market educational program.


Together with our partners we offer competitive terms of using the VentureBator infrastructure and innoVaventure services as well as supporting with Seed funding.


While academics of the innoVaventures network of experts offer formal entrepreneurship training in Universities, innoVaventures is offering these same courses customized to the needs of new ventures and entrepreneurs.

Experimental Labs

InnoVaventures organizes laboratory experiments where the function and performance of high-expectation start-ups are evaluated.


Start in Garage is dynamic educational program aimed at anyone who is interested in founding a technology company or working for a technology company.

Deep Dive

Deep Dive is 2-week long hands-on educational program held in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technology entrepreneurship.

Get Traction

Get Traction is about getting out of your new venture to find new customers, tune your product and understand “your” market.

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Mark Harris
Prof. Dr. Sc. Math. Dr. h.c.

CEO / Founder / Partner


Prof. Dr. Mark Harris is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry and in entrepreneurship. Prof. Harris recently retired from Intel to follow his passion in entrepreneurship and in new venture creation. While at Intel, Prof. Harris built Intel’s global Technology Entrepreneurship program together with UC Berkeley California’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship. During this period Prof. Harris experienced first hand the difficulties, especiallly in Europe, of building entrepreneurial Eco-Systems. Addressing this area has become Prof. Harris’ passion which resulted in founding innoVaventures. innoVaventures is a globally active New Venture Enabler.


We work closely with you to understand your needs and wishes to create a tailored offering for you.